• 13th & 14th September
Meet the Bees 2023

Since a terrible storm in 2022, the Soapworks Bees have had the quite the journey.

One colony's hive was knocked over, causing half of them to flee. Luckily, our bee keepers have been able to restore equilibrium in the hive by adding not one, not two, but 3 new queens! Luckily, the third is a good fit and the honey production is up.

Our immersive tenant experience to 'Meet the Bees' is more than a glimpse of hive life; the keepers explain how the complex ecosystem is established and maintained, before suiting and booting everyone to let them see the magic first hand.

To book or enquire about Meet the Bees, email [email protected]

Update: Over 70 tenants have now had the amazing opportunity to visit the hives and ask our bee keeper anything they can think of about bees, including...

Did you know?

-Bees know left from right

-All the worker bees are female

-To increase their population, bee colonies split in half and a new queen emerges from the pack

If you enjoyed this experience, please do let us know by commenting on socials or dropping us an email to [email protected]

Honey harvest: The bees are doing well enough this year that we hope to harvest the honey. Watch this space for more info


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