Community Allotments Scheme

Love growing your own food? Or, would love to but you have no outdoor space?

Why Allotments?

Soapworks was built with sustainability at its core and is constantly evolving to make conscious, informed decisions that help the environment. Shopping locally and growing your own produce is increasingly popular given that global food transport contributes 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. For most fruit and vegetables that are native to the UK, having them flown in is an unnecessary waste of resources.

Our newest endeavour to this effect is to repurpose a corner of our site into a garden, cared for and harvested by those that work here.

Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, gardening helps you connect with nature and reduces stress - if it goes well, that is!


This year's allotmenteers have been sworn in at our herb harvest on 5th July, emptying the beds they're going to fill with yummy produce. Next is to build the beds up and get the area ready for planting...


The first sprouts of the year can be seen in Talk Talk's plot, growing sweet potatoes!

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